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    We advice + provide services to, a range of business customers - including startups, small and medium sized companies and subsidiaries of multinationals.
    Registration/company formation package cost 500 € (ex. IVA). It includes meetings, paperwork and assisting the company to public offices for registration.
    You can expect an annual price for accountance (including advice, annual accounts and payroll services for up to 5 employees) from 1200 € pr year (ex. IVA)
    On the next page you can book an initial meeting with a tax advisor and accountant who will go through your situation and deal with questions and doubts.

    Together we set up a plan for the future cooperation. This meeting costs 50 € (which is subsequently deducted when a defined cooperation is agreed upon)
    Our clients range from from residents individuals who run business or have retired in Portugal - to non residents who have purchased property in Portugal and require tax advice and compliance services. We have profound experience with all aspects of the taxation as habitual or non-habitual resident.

    Being English speaking accountants enables us to help and guide our clients through the Portuguese laws and regulations.

    Book an initial meeting with us. On this meeting a tax advisor and accountant will go through your doubts and questions and set up a plan for the work needed in each area. The meeting costs 50 € (which is subsequently deducted when a defined cooperation is budgetted).
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Where we are

HK Consultores has two offices in Lisbon and in Algarve.


Our office in algarve are specialists on individual clients, often under the Non Habitual Residence Status.

When needed, specialists from the Lisbon office can assist with a clients particular issues.

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